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Sunday, October 13, 2019 
How We Work


We help players learn, improve and become competitive in the game of tennis!

Young beginners as well as aspiring young intermediate and advanced tennis players, can always take tennis instructions, clinics, and lessons from tennis pros, instructors, and other tennis players.  What we offer is professional tennis instruction and developmental coaching and expert and effective "College admission and College-fund" planning that includes college scholarship objectives. 

Expected Results...

Given the level of competence in academics and athletic skills to be developed, you can expect your child to be connected to the right audience - the college coaches across the country.  Most colleges will not only evaluate the athletic skills of the student but also put considerabe weight in their academic competitiveness.  Thus, while your child is taking lessons and developmental coaching from us, we also encourage and at times help the parents monitor their school grade point average (GPA).

USPTA Certified


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We determine your child's athletic level and help them be identified by appropriate college coaches for initial evaluation and further monitoring.  Almost always, their being in this  program encourages the young tennis player to strive harder to be more competitive both in her/his athletic skill development and academic progress.

Young beginners, are introduced to the game of tennis based on proven programs as instituted by USTA and the USPTA.  Our tennis instructors USPTA certified.

What is Unique about us

What makes our service unique is we have a proven platform that helps the student-athlete get connected to colleges and universities that offer college tennis.  Our objective is to identify young players who have the credentials and the talent to undergo higher level development in order to prepare them for the college level tennis and beyond.

In addition to athetics, we help the student identify other needed credentials to help build a competitve resume of outstanding achievement for college admission purposes.

Now that you have a better idea about results you can expect by working with us and our approach and philosophy of working with clients, go to our Services page to learn about specific services and programs we offer.

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